Data Networking

Sedna provides both wired and wireless network solutions.

Wireless (WLAN) Networking

Sedna is experienced in deploying high speed WLAN networks in the mining industry. These networks can either be high speed (Gb +) point to point links or roaming access networks which provide connectivity to mobile equipment in the mining area. We make use of the industry 802.11 standards to provide a maintainable and upgradable solution.

We have developed a mobile WLAN repeater station specifically for the open cast mining. Our repeater is solar powered, mounted on a stainless steel trailer and can be ordered with or without an IP based PTZ camera. This allows us to maintain a WLAN network in the fast changing open cast environment. Click here for more information about our WLAN repeater station.

Wired networking

We have assisted many of our customers with leveraging their existing wired network infrastructure to meet their growing needs. This includes :

  • Separating networks on the same wired infrastructure to isolate network elements from each other (i.e. separating SCADA clients from PLC’s);
  • Providing security solutions through our partnership with Cisco;
  • Designing and implementing self healing networks;
  • Providing ruggedized copper cables for use in harsh environments;
  • Monitoring and maintaining networks;
  • Rolling out of fibre and copper networks;
  • High speed DSL networks for harsh environments;

Please contact us to discuss your needs.