SiMECs Fleet Management

Using our SVM platform we are able to integrate the multiple systems typically installed on a mining machine, gather data from all of them, record this data in an open database and present managers with reports and dashboards.

Examples are – collecting data from a CWS system so that both the health of the system and the CWS interactions can be monitored. Rules can be applied on the machine such as not allowing the machine to start unless the CWS was healthy.

The SVM comprises multiple interfaces (digital, analogue, 232, 485, CAN, GNSS, Ethernet) through which data can be buffered and communicated to a remote server via GSM or Ethernet) according to rules configured.

We have rolled this technology out at a Rio Tinto site where we collect data from a 3rd party engine protection system, OEM CAN as well as a collision warning system. We apply licensing rules to ensure that the operator is correctly licensed to operate the machine, apply rules based on the engine protection and CWS system (preventing start, retarding the machine or shutting the machine down) as well as presenting the data in a SQL server for analysis.

The Sedna Simecs software suite provides an office or cloud based software integration layer, allowing for dashboarding, reporting, rule management and integration of data collected from SVM’s in the field.